Gadani Ship-breaking Yard

Gadani ship breaking yard is the 3rd largest ship breaking yard in the world. This yard is located across a 10 km long beachfront at Gadani about 50 km Northwest of Karachi. The yard consist of 132 ship-breaking plots. in 1980s, Gadani was the largest ship-breaking yard in the world, with more than 30,000 direct employees. More than one million tons of steel is salvaged here every year and much of it is sold domestically.

Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi mosque is one of beautiful and old mosque of Pakistan and it is located in the Lahore city. It was build in 1671 by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

Stunning view Badshahi Mosque

So its my wish to visit the Badshahi mosque and offered the prayer so last year a went to Lahore from Karachi, i went to that mosque with my cousin by bike. we get up early in the morning after the dawn prayer first we did the famous breakfast of Panjab that was nan and chany after that we start the journey towards mosque, Lahore is now much better than before and it is famous for its name called ‘City of Gardens’.

Architectural design made of white marble.

now we reach to mosque what a stunning view of mosque whole mosque is build by red stone and the Art work show the old time Mughal era. This mosque have a large capacity for Muslim worship.The view of inside mosque, made of curve shape with white marble design of different flower shape and some are in square shape.After performed the afternoon prayer we come back to home and it was one of my wonderful experience and memorable.

Manora Beach

Manora beach is one of beautiful beach of Pakistan and this one is located near few mile away from Karachi and this island is also under the Navy force (Headquarter). It is famous for sea food and many other things.

 View of Kimari port, Karachi

Me and my friends from University Qadeer Khan and Omer alvi decide to visit this beautiful beach so after the university class we went through bike and reached to Kimari and parked the bike in parking area. Took the boat service because this is the shortest way to reach the Manora Beach and it is one of nice experience to site in boat, now we reach to Manora Island and in front of us we have KPT service center and Navel base, from this point we have more walk then we finally reach to beach.

Shrine of Hazarat Yosuf Shah
Tample for Sikh Community

On Manora island we have vary rich history of religious point of view like on Manora Island we have Hindu mandir (Varun Dev) for Hindu community, Church(St.Paul’s) for Christen community right behind watch tower and we have Shirne and Mosque for Muslims and Temple(Sri Guru Nank Darbar) for Sikh community. Moreover on this Island we have different goods shops for the residential people of this island as well.

Varun Dev Mandir for Hindu community
Kids toys and home decorations at Manora Beach
Stunning view of Manora beach
Way to KPT ship maintenance area

We all three did the photograhy and drink the cold drink and take a swim in sea water and we can’t live without this after some enjoyment we went back Kimari by boat and eat the fish fry and we feel the hungry. Fish was delicious.

Mubarak Village Beach

Beach Mubarak village is located in Sindh and it is one of beautiful beaches of Pakistan. It is known for his beautiful brown sand and green see water and around high and brown mountains.

On the top of mountain, Baluchistan

So on midnight i get up it was around 3.30 i joined the friends who were waiting at corner of street we had two cars one was Toyota Corolla Indus and second was Honda Civic and now we start the journey take a rout from high tool plaza and boys were enjoying and our car have good sound system and we played the music in loud voice.Now we reach near to Hawks-bay take some rest and some were drinking tea because we still have long journey left. After few minutes break we again start our journey roads were dark we open high beam lights of car, accept our two cars have no other traffic and were completely silent.

After the long journey we finally reach to beach it was such a beautiful view cold wind and waves of sea is very high and we run into the sea, sea water was such a clean and then move towards the rock side and take a photos.

Stunning view of Mubarak Village beach

Then we take a rest on beach some of them laying on beach and we watched the view of sunrise and also captured the moment. We also played the football on beach. On that beach there is no such kind of shop of seafood, population is based on poor people and we have an own food to eat.

Mountains with green see water beach
Road which goes to beach

Now we decide to move back to home before evening and that is one of memorable journey of my life. I can’t forget the beauty of this beach.

Hub Dam

It was Sunday early morning right after the Dawn prayer me and my town friends had a plan to go for a fishing. Things are already set last Friday and we already decided spot for fishing that is Hub Dam. so we take a ride and that is Jeep and one of suitable ride for off-road and long journey.

View of low level water in Hub Dam

It was wonderful morning weather was clear and we were moving toward Dam, after crossing the Karachi when we entered in Balochistan what a breath taking views includes high mountains, Rockies land with little wild bushes some where roads are in good condition somewhere roads are completely destroyed due to heavy rain and land slides and in between way sand path but our Jeep is going smooth way.

Mountain with sky blue water

Now we passed the security check post and we are now on the top Hub Dam, water level was low due to less rain but the view was owsum water nice and clear we did the photography and then we move forward to set our champ. On one spot we stop our jeep and set champ and put all stuff offload from jeep and put into the champ. Now we are making meal to hunt fish, ready to put the hook into the water.

After settting the hooks in Dam water now we are enjoying the drinks and setting on rocks and talking and enjoying the wind and now sun is also completely out. We were waiting for first fish. After the long time wait we didn’t get any fish and sun we now giong to down and we start packing the stuff and put into the jeep and then close the champ and put into the jeep and now we are moving towards Karachi.

It was wounder full experience specially for me to visit this beautiful place and chance to get the exploring the province Balochistan.

China Seaport

Today is wounder full day we get up early in the morning me and my friend Shah Akbar decide to go for a journey and mark up the location and that is China Seaport, so we get the bike and start moving towards sea port on bike we were enjoying the cold breeze and more thing we were also doing vlogging.

White rocks on China Sea port make view more amazing
Natural stone in between sea make view more attractive 

China seaport is located before Clifton beach just take a right turn to Bilawal round about after few minute ride we arrive near seaport now actually adventure is start because the of off-road ride, no concept of road so we start the ride on bike go more closer to seaport and finally we reached to spot after taking to many jurgs and dust. what a stunning view of seaport crystal clear sea water, high wind and hexagonal type of rocks are places in between sea, kids, woman, man and old peoples all are enjoying the breath taking view of china sea port.

Incredible memories at China Seaport

In the end we did the photography and make the trip memorable and did the breakfast at Burns road which was paya and rooti.